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About NoCo Spa & Aesthetics

In the heart of Norton Commons, NoCo Spa & Aesthetics seeks to bring out #UNCommonBeauty, raising the standards in the med spa industry. 

Discover the subtle art of improving your appearance at a luxurious and private clinic in Norton Commons, Louisville, where all of your individual goals related to cosmetic enhancement may come to life.

In NoCo Spa & Aesthetics, we provide the most innovative anti-aging and cosmetic technology and treatments that are currently on the market. Our reputation precedes us, and the fact that our medical spa is owned and maintained by women says volumes about the quality and dedication of our services.


Every single one of our clients believes that our med spa in Norton Commons, Louisville, is the best place to get complete rejuvenation of the skin and body.

Gold Standard is our only standard.


"I have always wanted to get lip filler, and when I visited Ashley at NoCo, she made me feel SO at ease, walking me through the process, showing me what to expect and truly educating me! I will never go anywhere else, and can't wait for my next visit! 


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